About Us

Who we are and What we do:

Support: DWED supports people with Type 1 Diabetes and Eating Disorders and their carers through emails, support forums, phone calls, where possible home visits and through a variety of social networking sites. We are currently revamping our means of support and are looking at opening a helpline. We also support health care professionals by providing training, materials and networking.

Advocacy: We intervene on behalf of patients at every level, from the GP to the Inpatient ward to make sure that everyone involved is educated and to ensure that a multidisciplinary approach is undertaken. We also help our members complain if they are mistreated and offer them representation if they feel unable to represent themselves.

Awareness: We regularly train organisations and healthcare professionals. We are devoted to providing high quality information to our members and those who treat them. We have appeared in national media and have been mentioned in Parliamentary debates and work closely with other charities . We supply participants for research and undertake our own to ensure that our members needs are heard. We are stakeholders in NICE and participate in NHS patient representation.

Action: DWED campaigns for better (in some cases any) facilities for people with Type 1 Diabetes and Eating Disorders. We are in support of Deliberate Insulin Manipulation/Omission for the purposes of weight loss and ED-DMT1 being recognised as a diagnosable mental disorder such as Anorexia or Bulimia but with it’s own specific guidelines. Currently we are forming strategic partnerships with various eating disorders and diabetes wards to support our members in conjunction with the NHS. The growth of these partnerships will forge the way for a formal way of dealing with our demographic which is currently woefully inadequate.

Who we are:

Professor Janet Treasure OBE PhD FRCP, FRCPsych

Professor Janet Treasure has specialised in the treatment of eating disorders at the South London and Maudsley Hospital and Kings College London for the majority of her 30 year career, and carried out research that has led to greater understanding of, and better treatments for, anorexia and bulimia.Much of her research focussing on the development of new treatments has been carried out collaboratively with, and often inspired by patients and their families. In 2004, Janet Treasure was awarded the Academy for Eating Disorders’ Leadership Award for Research. In 2012 she was awarded an OBE for her work with eating disorders. As well as editing professional texts, Janet has written several self help books for people with eating disorders . Guided self help using books such as these are recommended in the NICE guidelines as a first stage of treatment. Janet has jointly written books with people with personal experience of eating disorders 1 . She has developed the “experienced carers helping others “ ECHO project in which people with the lived experience of eating disorders coach families with an eating disorder member how to promote recovery.

Her works include Schmidt U, Treasure J. Getting Better Bit(e) by Bit(e). A survival kit for sufferers of bulimia nervosa and bnge eating disorder. Hove: Brunner-Routledge (imprint of Taylor & Francis group); 1993. Treasure J.

Anorexia nervosa. A survival guide for sufferers and those caring for someonewith an eating disorder. Hove: Psychology Press; 1997. Treasure J, Smith G, Crane A.

Skills -based learning for caring for a loved one with an eating disorder. The New Maudsley Method. London & New York: Routledge; 2007.

Louisa Hawken

Louisa Hawken is the resident creative and makes DWED look the way it does, from the stationary and information leaflets, to the buttons and boxes on the website. From a design background, she is also responsible for regularly putting the newsletter together and creating sub-identities and logos for events that are arranged under the DWED umbrella.

Lou was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 30 years ago, and says she still hasn't got it figured out

Dr Jen Nash

Dr. Jen Nash is a Clinical Psychologist, Chartered with the British Psychological Society, living with diabetes since childhood. Motivated to provide emotional support to individuals struggling with the condition, in 2009 she founded ‘Positive Diabetes’, a therapy and education service to address the psychological impact of living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Positive Diabetes offers individual therapy, consultation, and educational workshops to individuals with diabetes and training and consultation to healthcare professionals. Positive Diabetes also offers a range of self-help programmes, which are available online. Dr. Jen’s book 'Diabetes and Wellbeing' (Wiley-Blackwell) is the first UK authored self-help book focussing on the emotional impact of diabetes. Jen is also a contributing author to, ‘'My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes' (PHC Publishing Group, 2011), and is published in numerous peer-reviewed journals.

Jen is currently involved in an NHS Innovations Fund project investigating the impact of psychological intervention on HBA1c in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes within Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. She is also an international speaker and trainer for both professional and patient audiences. She was part of the expert panel presenting the results of the 'Living with Diabetes: Journey for Control' (Merck/MSD funded study) outcomes at the EASD Congress in Berlin in 2012. Jen is a member of the Quality Institute for Self-Management Education and Training Diabetes Structured Education Standards Core Reference Group, developing the standards for Diabetes Structured Education in the UK.

Dr. Jen is committed to inspiring as many people as possible that having a full and healthy life with diabetes is possible, and equipping them with strategies to achieve this. Her achievements in this area were acknowledged by her being named as a 'World Diabetes Day Hero' in 2012. ‘Dr Jen’s Diabetes Diary’ is a free newsletter full of practical and psychological advice delivered by e-mail to patients and health professionals in more than 40 countries around the world

Kymin Hackett

Professionally Kymin is a Senior Practitioner for a Children’s Charity currently facilitating a project for some of the most vulnerable women in Society. Kymin has a Degree in Early Childhood, and is also a trained youth worker with years’ experience of working with families, children of all ages and especially young people with depression, eating disorders and emotional instability. Kymin’s involvement with DWED began after her own daughter suffered for 10 years with this debilitating illness. After being told nothing else could be done to save her DWED became her lifeline. Despite warnings, and losing 95% of her sight (thankfully most of this has now been recovered) Kymin’s daughter made a full recovery over 2 years ago, and is now studying at University for her Degree.

Kymin’s passion within DWED is to raise awareness of the illness, educate professionals, and to highlight the lack of services available not just for DWED members but for the whole family coping with high levels of trauma. Kymin supports our members, but also wants to help parents understand and accept their child’s illness and help support them through the difficult process of recovery.

Jacqueline Allan

Jacqueline Allan is the Founder & Managing Director of Diabetics with Eating Disorders. Having suffered from Eating Disorders through her teenage years on being diagnosed with Type 1 age 23, she developed Diabulimia straight away. Frustrated with being mis diagnosed and told ‘there is no where to put you’ when trying to get help Jacqueline found a support group on facebook which provided the inspiration for DWED. Before starting the Charity Jacqueline was a distribution and logistics manager for large companies such as Warner Brothers, Firetrap ltd and British Airways. She has a BA in English Language and Literature, a first class BSc in Psychology and is commencing a Masters in Research.

Nicola Allen

John Allan LLB, IFA, NP

Formerly senior partner in a law firm and now retired John Allan was a notary public,an Independent Financial adviser, holder of FP3 financial planning Certificate and a law society of Scotland accredited agricultural law specialist. John has done voluntary work for charities over the last 3 decades but now solely concentrates on compliance and other legal aspects for DWED

Vikki Meadows

Vikki has been volunteering for DWED since 2011 - initially in a fundraising capacity which led onto managing the Shoes for Sian campaign 2012. Early in 2013 Vikki was asked to come on board as a Director and Trustee and was delighted to accept. Vikki comes from a Secretarial background and with 6 years experience in a PA role she is used to putting her organisation skills to the test. Vikki hopes to bring her Business Development skills to the Charity to help DWED grow over the coming months and years.

Dr Miranda Rosenthal

Miranda is a clinical diabetologist and  works  at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. She is interested in  type 1 diabetes ( islet transplantation, insulin pumps and sensors ) and is involvedin the reasearch of eating disorders in Type 1 diabetes .